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This entire website is still under construction and was last updated 1st October 2016


Hi There

My name is David and I have lived in a town called Nuneaton, which is close to the centre of England, for all of my life so far.

I have now retired from work and have become a gentleman of leisure.   Prior to this I was a DT Technician at a local school and a Test Measurement Engineer with Rolls-Royce at their Industrial and Marine site near Coventry.

I have many varied interests and hobbies some of which I have written about for this website.  I will add others as time allows.

My main interests are:

Natural History, Amateur Radio, Photography, Geocaching, Walking, Family History, Camping, Historical Preservation and a passing interest in a good many other subjects

I have also added a page of links which I will attempt to organise into the same subject groupings as the website.

Thanks for looking at my web site, and please sign my guestbook,