My Family History

I began to get interested in my family and where they came from at an early age but the promptly forgot it until I met my wife.  In our conversations we soon found at that we had both done something similar and had a few sketchy notes on our respective families.  We agreed to pool our resources and to continue the work.  This has led to us joining societies from which we have learnt how to further our quest.

My wife has traced her paternal line back to 1877 when they seem to have come to the area from (possibly) Derbyshire.  Her mother's family were mainly local to the area.

My family on my fathers sides came from the Staffordshire / Derbyshire borders.  His father came to Nuneaton with the coal mining industry around 1903 when the local mines were expanding.  My mothers side come from a small village which now forms part of the Milton Keynes area and Northamptonshire. Her fathers side seem to have followed the railway probably with the expansion of the railways in the area and the opening of the Stockingford engine shed in 1902.

Our family tree now has nearly 400 names and is growing each time we find a new bit of information.  I am grateful to the many individuals who, having found theirbit of their family, have shared the information enabling us to extend our tree.  It is, of course, a never ending task as there are always new branches to explore and information on existing bits to be discovered and added to the tree. What we have so far may be viewed on my family tree (this will open in a new window)

I am attempting to write all of my notes up into a book to record our research and add the stories and other information which the standard computer programmes do not cater for.  When this book is sufficiently far advanced I will send copies to the local library, record offices and family history societies.  This will ensure that the information is not lost and may even help other researchers to trace their roots.