Natural History

My first interest in Natural History was born from going on 'nature walks' at primary school and I always remember seeing a Kingfisher on one of those walks. It may be that that started me off with a long term interest in birds. As the years went on my interest came and went but in the 1970's I stated doing a lot more walking and eventually joined the local rambling club. Here I met up with others who were interested in other branches of Natural History and so the interest, and knowledge, grew.

As the years progressed I found others who were interested in most aspects of Natural History and have learnt much from them all.

Throughout it all there has also been an underlying interest in photography. As my equipment has improved over the years the ability to combine the two has evolved and I now have quite a collection of wildlife photographs. I have loaded some of the pictures onto this website here . If you like these there are a lot more examples on my main picture website hosted on Zenfolio to show off some of my better efforts

I have interests in many areas of Natural History but my main interest has always been bird watching. In recent years I have become more interested in Butterflies and Moths, Wild Flowers and mammals. As time allows I will add pages to this website for each of the topics

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